Note from Ron

There are many things in this world that are temporary and fading. We get caught up in the “permanency” of what we value. The things we should value are our relationships and love. Love is what the Bible says is supreme and everlasting. And so, it is. Especially in a political season friends can become enemies. Then separation can occur and the loss of such friends. I so dislike that. My dad was so wonderful, joyful, funny, and emotionally as solid as a rock. He used to say how he disliked the general election every four years. Not because of voting and exercising our freedom and right to select a President, but because he observed that people get frightened, angry, and troubled. From his perspective this led to people holding up their building plans until after the election. Of course, that directly affected him. Today, it seems his wisdom is true and even more so. It is why I like to keep politics out of the church. The church ought to be a place of sanctuary for each person. It is a place to renew and even find God’s spirit and calling within each of us. We sing, we pray, and we seek God’s will. We all need a place to spiritually rest, breathe, and restore our souls. The church is that place. The church is the only institution that Jesus started. He believed in the church. Let us believe in Him alone and love one another.

If you have not personally witnessed “Lanfear Park” on the south side round-a-bout, please look. It is bursting with fall blooms – breath-taking blooms. The pecan tree on the west side of the park has doubled in size this year alone. Sharon is taking great care of that beautiful spot on our campus. At night it is lighted through the lighting on the walk-through arbor. Walk over there or drive around it as it is a great greeting for our guests.

We are also working on the “somewhat round-a-bout” on the north side. This old bed, but new creation, is mostly by Lanny Kahn, who has given thousands of hours of time on this campus landscaping. So, the Landscape Team got together and provided the resources to finish this bed with water, many new plants, and a couple of large boulders. The Team wanted to honor Lanny Kahn by naming this new bed “Lanny’s Garden.” Thank you, Lanny, for your friendship and your tireless labor. You honor our Lord and Creator well.

This Sunday I will be preaching from Matthew 14:22-33, HERE COMES JESUS.

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