Online Giving


You have the opportunity to contribute to God's work at FOSA by making financial donations online.

You may contribute in a number of ways -

  • You may make a one time donation or set it up to make a donation once a week, once every two weeks, once a month, twice a month or once a quarter.

  • You may designate your contribution to the General Tithes and Offerings, the Celebrate! Building Campaign or make a Special Designated Gift.


You may make a contribution from your bank account or from your debit/credit card.  The process is secure, safe and very easy to use.​  Here is a little more information about each option:


Bank Account - This option allows you to safely transfer money from your bank account to the church via electronic funds transfer without writing a check.  You can make a contribution from either your checking or savings account.  It is very secure and safe.


Credit/Debit Card - This option allows you to conveniently pay your donation via a major credit/debit card.  There are many advantages to paying with a debit or credit card (i.e. frequent flyer miles, consistent billing, etc.), but we do want to add one word of caution.  We would advise you to use this option if you pay off your credit cards monthly.  We do not encourage or condone credit card debt.

To give online, click on the following link -


We hope you take advantage of this convenient and easy way to make your donations to The Fellowship.  Once again, thank you so much for your faithful stewardship.


Sunday Morning Giving


Early in our church's life, we discussed the best way to collect the offerings that our members brought each Sunday.  Rather than pass a plate around the worship center, we decided to go a different way.  One of our members brought in a large clay olive jar, and we set it outside the worship center so that anyone who wishes to give may do so how and when they please.  This tradition continues to this day!

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