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Hey, y'all!

Well as we continue down this nonstop road of fun that is 2020, I want you to know that you are loved and prayed for.  I miss y'all.  Getting to hear about your weeks in person and just having a good time together.  I miss getting to work alongside and serve others together as we do at Mission Trip.  I miss getting to laugh, play silly games, worship, and learn more about just how much God loves us as we do at camp.  It's ruff.  Really ruff right now.

We have our Sunday School time at 5pm today.  The link is below.  I have a new book that we will begin to study, but I want the main time to be y'all getting to share how you are feeling with all of this going on.  

It won't be a long time together and you can join us on your phones too if you have one.  The main thing is to have a space to share our hearts, frustrations, and pray to begin to find hope renewed in our hearts.  Peace, love, and joy.  I know that is really hard right now.  So let's begin to do that together. 

Miss y'all like crazy.  Really hope to see your face this afternoon at 5pm.  Y'all are extremely loved.  You are loved by someone way more important than me.  You are loved by God!  It's awesome to be loved by your family, friends, and your church family too.  I am praying for each of you!

Love y'all and hope to see you today at 5pm.


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Time: Sunday Afternoons at 2pm

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The FOSA Youth Ministry is dedicated to building discipled followers of Jesus Christ.  We strive to foster understanding, love and humility in our students so that they may serve the Lord to the best of their abilities.

By giving our students the tools to understand God's word for themselves and providing them with opportunities to serve their community and world at large, we hope to equip them for a life-long relationship with their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and to demonstrate His love to everyone they meet.




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